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The Small Things

Realised theatre production

By Edna Walsh
Directed by Robert Elwood
My role: Set & Costume designer
Location: The Orange Tree theatre

"A fierce and devastating fable about enforced silence.

Two houses, each perched on a mountain top, stare at each other across a deep valley. A man and a woman talk about the small things – parquet floor zigzagging down corridors, the memory of mother's breasts, brown sauce and soggy chips. But these minutiae disguise a bigger story of brutality and unfaltering loyalty which emerges horrifically through the chit chat" (Walsh). This design aimed to capture the distance between the two characters but also show the deep connections between them. To do this we wanted to create two separate environments with an ambiguous space in between that could be used for the flashbacks throughout the play.

Research and Inspiration


Costume mood boards



Untitled_Artwork (1).jpg

Final Photos

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